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What is Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy?

"Psychotherapy is the provision by qualified practitioners of a professional relationship within which people can profitably explore difficult and painful feelings and experiences."

At some time in one's life many people experience continued feelings of anxiety and depression and need to accept and come to terms with pain and disappointment.

Often this can be resolved without outside help. However, if difficulties persist, this may be because of a current circumstance or situation which is evoking feelings from the past of which the individual is not consciously aware.

A professional psychoanalytic psychotherapist can help individuals become more aware of and gain understanding of the less accessible aspects of themselves.

How does Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Work?

Psychotherapy may be provided for individuals, couples, children, families or groups.

Psychoanaltyic psychotherapy is a process that takes place in the relationhship between the therapist and client - in a secure and safe setting, at regular intervals, over a period of time.

The individual is encouraged to use this time for reflection, and to bring into the analytic session those feelings, thoughts, dreams and memories that may be difficult to express outside of this safe environment.

The therapist will listen very carefully to understand and make sense of this 'inner' experience and explain to you how it influences and shapes your current life and relationships.

Psychoanaltyic Psychotherapy does not offer an instant solution. It is not a 'quick fix'. Rather, it offers the opportunity to explore with the therapist difficult or painful feelings, making it possibile for a new understanding to be reached.

This process can enhance the capacity to make choices in life and so increase autonomy and self-determination.

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